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Ray Krishnamurthy
Ray Krishnamurthy

Aula Internacional 2 Nueva Edicion: A Spanish Course for Adults

Aula Internacional 2 Nueva Edicion: A Spanish Course for Adults

Aula Internacional 2 Nueva Edicion is a Spanish course for adults who want to learn the language at an A2 level. It is based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) and follows the most advanced approaches to language teaching in a simple and effective way.

Aula Internacional 2 Nueva Edicion.pdf

The course consists of a student's book, an exercise book and an audio CD. The student's book contains 12 units that cover different topics of Spanish culture and society, such as food, music, art, history and geography. Each unit has four sections: Comprender (understand), Explorar y reflexionar (explore and reflect), Practicar y comunicar (practice and communicate) and Ampliar y repasar (expand and review). The exercises book provides additional practice for grammar, vocabulary and skills. The audio CD contains the listening activities for both books.

Aula Internacional 2 Nueva Edicion is designed to help students develop their communicative competence in Spanish in a natural and enjoyable way. It offers a variety of activities that stimulate interaction, reflection and creativity. It also includes cultural notes, tips, self-evaluation tests and a grammar summary. The course is suitable for both classroom and self-study use.

Aula Internacional 2 Nueva Edicion has received many positive reviews from students and teachers who have used it. Some of the advantages they mention are:

  • It covers all the skills and competences required by the CEFR for the A2 level.

  • It has a clear and attractive layout that facilitates learning and motivation.

  • It has a rich and varied selection of texts, audios, videos and images that reflect the diversity of the Spanish-speaking world.

  • It has a flexible and adaptable structure that allows teachers to adjust the course to their needs and preferences.

  • It has a lot of online resources and supplementary materials that complement the course and offer more practice and support.

Some of the drawbacks they mention are:

  • It focuses mainly on European Spanish and does not include much information or exposure to Latin American Spanish.

  • It does not have an answer key for the exercises in the student's book or the exercise book.

  • It does not have a CD attached to the book and it requires an online access code to download the audios.

  • It can be challenging for beginners or self-learners who do not have previous knowledge of Spanish or a teacher's guidance.

In conclusion, Aula Internacional 2 Nueva Edicion is a comprehensive and engaging Spanish course that can help adults achieve their language goals at an A2 level. It is suitable for those who want to learn Spanish in a communicative and cultural way, with a focus on European Spanish. However, it may not be ideal for those who prefer more exposure to Latin American Spanish, more answers and explanations, or more offline resources. e0e6b7cb5c

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