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Marta Baran

School President

The IJ Paderewski School in Niles is managed by the voluntary parents of the children who attend it.

The main goal of our school is to nurture and propagate the Polish language, culture and traditions, awakening the spirit of patriotism and pride in belonging to the Polish nation. We want our children, growing up in American society, to learn about the richness of Polish culture and to be proud that they speak the language of their ancestors.


The gift of Polish language and culture passed on by parents, guardians and grandparents is nurtured and developed by our teachers.


The education of children and adolescents from 3-year-olds to the 3rd grade of high school is dealt with by fantastic, competent, experienced and qualified, dedicated teachers who are open to modern teaching methods.  We strive to ensure that children have the best possible learning conditions by looking for sponsors of modern teaching aids and equipment.


Polish School of Ignacy Jan Paderewski in Niles is a non-profit educational organization. We cordially encourage parents and sponsors to actively engage in work for the benefit of children and our facility. People, institutions and companies interested in cooperation, please contact the school office.

Ewa Nytko

I Vice President

Katarzyna Mrozik

II Vice President

Ewa Bielawska


Elżbieta Szorc

Protocol Secretary

Beata William

Corresponding Secretary

Bożena Szczęch

School Host


Gracja Dubaniewicz

Anna Kowalski

Aleksandra Kurzatkowski

Aneta Samaranska

Kinga Zuber

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