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Par. 1

The organization is called "Association of Parents and Teachers of the Polish School of Ignacy Paderewski ”and is a non-profit institution of a socio-educational nature.

Par. 2

The seat and area of activity of the Association is the city of Niles and its surroundings.

Par. 3

The legal basis for the activities of the Association is this Statute.


Par. 1

The aim of the Association is to learn the Polish language, history, geography and religion; learning about Polish culture, nurturing and passing on Polish traditions to the young generation and acquainting them with the contribution of the Polish diaspora to the life of the United States.

Par. 2

The association is made up of parents who maintain and manage the school and teachers who are employed by the school board.

Par. 3

The association follows the principles of equality and tolerance in its activities.


Par. 1

The association consists of:

  1. ordinary members

  2. supporting members

  3. honorary members

Par. 2

Ordinary members are:

a) parents of children attending school

Par. 3

Supporting members are teachers, parents or guardians whose children have attended school and take an active part in the life of the school, and anyone who wishes to contribute to the work of developing the school.

Par. 4

Honorary membership is awarded by the General Assembly for special services to the school.



An ordinary member has active and passive voting rights.

Par. 2

The duties of an ordinary member include:

  1. compliance with the provisions of the Statute in force; resolutions and orders  school board

  2. taking an active part in the work of the Association and supporting its activities

  3. regular payment of school fees and carrying out assigned duties

Par. 3

Supporting and honorary members only have an advisory vote.

Par. 4

Anyone acting to the detriment of the school may be dismissed or suspended by the Board of Directors of the Association under the laws of the State of Illinois.


Par. 1

The authorities of the Association are:

  1. General Assembly

  2. Association Board

  3. revision Committee

Par. 2

The General Assembly of the Association's members is the highest authority of the Association. The General Meeting elects the Board and the Audit Committee; adopts guidelines for the work of the Management Board and adopts all resolutions related to the implementation of the Association's goals and tasks.

Par. 3

Ordinary General Assembly is convened every 2 years.

Par. 4

The General Meeting is convened by written notification to the members,

detailing the agenda, at least two weeks before its date.

Par. 5

The authorities of the Association are elected by the General Assembly for a period of two years and approved by the majority of votes of the members entitled to vote present at the meeting.

Form and manner of voting:

  1. Required document of federal or state government in the form of a driving license, state ID,  passport

  2. Registration with the election commission by providing the name and surname of the person entitled to vote

  3. Receiving voting ballots or voting ID

  4. Casting a vote


Par. 6

The composition of the Management Board is as follows:

  1. President

  2. two vice presidents represented by parents

  3. treasurer

  4. protocol secretary

  5. correspondence secretary

  6. host

  7. board members - 5 people

Par. 7

Only persons with a minimum of two years of active work experience in the Board and the Audit Committee may be elected for key functions in the School Board. The key functions are: president, vice-presidents, treasurer and protocol secretary.

Par. 8

The Presidium is ex officio: the president of the school, the 1st vice president,  treasurer and protocol secretary.

Par. 9

The duties of the Management Board include:

  1. conducting organizational matters arising from the tasks and objectives defined

in Article II of this Statute

  1. convening ordinary General Meetings provided for in the Statute and extraordinary General Meetings, depending on  from the existing needs

  2. Employment of teaching staff as well as Kiedowik and other school employees

  3. the dismissal of the head of school, teachers and other school staff

Par. 10

The School Board meets in full or complete composition. The strict composition of the Management Board is the Presidium, which consists of: the president, the 1st vice president, the treasurer and the protocol secretary. The presidium informs the other members of the Management Board about the decisions taken at the next meeting.

Par. 11

The meeting of the full Board is held once a month.

Par. 12

In case of resignation of a member of the Management Board before the end of his term of office, the Management Board of the school has the right to appoint a new member from among ordinary members of the Association for a period not longer than until the next General Meeting.

Par. 13

The board organizes at least two to four times a school year meetings with class troika, where it presents personnel, financial and organizational matters of the school and takes into account the conclusions and proposals presented by the class troika.


Par. 1

Chairman of the Board:

  1. represents the Association outside

  2. directs and coordinates the work of individual members of the Management Board

  3. supervises the work of the head of the school's pedagogical council

  4. convenes and chairs meetings of the Board and the Presidium


Par. 2

Vice Presidents:

  1. replace  the president in his absence, and they inform the president about their decisions

  2. they supply the school with the necessary school textbooks and teaching aids

  3. prepare and conduct school enrollment and sale of textbooks

  4. organize and conduct school events

Par. 3


  1. checks the record of school fees

  2. makes payments and disbursements ordered by the Management Board for the needs of the school and administration

  3. handles all correspondence related to the financial matters of the school and members of the Association

  4. participates in the deliberations of the strict Presidium of the Management Board

  5. presents financial statements at meetings of the Management Board

Par. 4

  Protocol secretary:

  1. minutes and keeps a book of minutes from Board meetings, uses the Audio / Video recording.  The audio / video record is kept in digital format for the term of office of the board and may be made available to parents for review at a tri-class meeting.

  2. participates in the deliberations of the strict Presidium of the Management Board

Par. 5

Correspondence Secretary

a) conducts all correspondence of the Association 

Par. 6

The host with other members of the board

  1. takes care of the school inventory

  2. acts as an auxiliary treasurer during entries

  3. during the first days of the school year, it sells textbooks and notebooks

Par. 7

Board members:

  1. they take an active part in the meetings of the Management Board

  2. perform commissioned work


Par. 1

The Audit Committee consists of a chairman and two members. The Audit Committee is elected from among the parents by the General Assembly for a period of 2 years.

Par. 2

The Audit Committee elects the Chairman of the Committee from among itself.

Par. 3

Revision Committee:

  1. controls the entirety of financial and material management. This inspection should be carried out twice a year.

  2. draws up a report of each inspection and sends a copy to the Board and the class trios

  3. calls an extraordinary meeting in the event of such need

  4. submits a report on the conducted control to the ordinary General Meeting and submits a request for discharge


Par. 1

The Association's funds are:

  1. school fees

  2. income from events

  3. donations of people  or organization

Par. 2

The amount of school fees is determined and regulated by the Board of the Association.

Par. 3

The remuneration of the head of the teaching team, his deputy, the coordinator of the catechetical program, the accountant and other school employees is determined and regulated by the Board of the Association.


Par. 1

The head of the teaching staff, his deputy and the coordinator are elected by the Pedagogical Council or employed from outside and approved by the School Board for a period of 2 years.

Par. 2

The head of the teaching staff is approved by the newly elected board after the General Assembly before the end of the school year.

Par. 3

The head of the teaching staff is responsible for the School Board.

Par. 4

The duties of the head of the teaching staff include the creation and implementation of the didactic and educational program. The didactic and educational program is presented to parents and is approved by the school board.

Par. 5

In the event of absences or changes in the position of the manager, the duties of the manager are taken over by the deputy manager.

Par. 6

The full termination of the function of the outgoing head should take place by the end of the school year.

Par. 7

The head of the teaching staff may be dismissed from the position by the Management Board of the Association.  This fact should be reported to the Board of the Polish Teachers' Association in Chicago.

Par. 9

The meetings of the pedagogical group may be attended by the president and vice presidents of the school board or their deputies, with the exception of grading conferences.

Par. 10

The catechetical program offered at the school is run according to the rules laid down by the Archdiocese of Chicago.  The election of the catechetical coordinator takes place after consulting the Catechetical Office of the Archdiocese of Chicago in consultation with the Director of the Catechetical Program.



Par. 1

In the event of the liquidation of the Polish School of Ignacy Jan Paderewski as a result of a resolution of the General Meeting or other unforeseen circumstances, the General Meeting convened in accordance with the procedure provided for in Article V, Par. 8b shall decide by open voting by 3/4 of the votes of the members present and entitled to vote for whom  The assets of the Association are allocated to schools or organizations teaching Polish.

  1. these assets may only be used to study the Polish language

  2. The General Meeting appoints the appropriate liquidation commission, which prepares an appropriate protocol for the transfer of assets

  3. the liquidation protocol, as well as other documents concerning the activities of the Association - in their entirety should be transferred to the archives of the Association of Polish Teachers in America.

Par. 2

The provisions of these Articles of Association may be amended by 2/3 of the votes of the members entitled to vote and present at the General Meeting, after prior discussion of the changes at the Management Board meeting.

Approval / adoption of the statute in its current form and its implementation takes place in  on April 27, 2013.


Polish School of Ignacy Jan Paderewski in Niles is a non-profit educational organization. Therefore, we cordially encourage parents and sponsors to actively engage in work for the benefit of children and the school.

Interested persons, institutions and companies for cooperation, please contact the school office.

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