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The first day of school

On September 9th, despite the still beautiful weather, we officially bid farewell to the holidays and started the new school year 2023-2024.

It was a very pleasant time filled with joy and emotions. It's a wonderful feeling to see so many smiling and content faces.

We wish all our students nothing but success in their studies and wonderful friendships that will last a lifetime. Remember, knowledge is the only thing that enriches and cannot be taken away from anyone.

To you, dear parents, we wish that you proudly look at your little ones and persistently, despite many obligations, find time to support their passions and interests.

To our wonderful teaching staff, we wish fruitful work, many educational successes, satisfaction from your duties, and above all, health and a sense of appreciation.

To all of us, here's to good cooperation, because let's remember that school success is not possible without mutual understanding.

Happy new school year!

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