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Christmas visit to the Niles Police Station

“As with all recommendations, gratitude is a description of a successful lifestyle. A grateful heart opens our eyes to the many blessings that surround us constantly. " - James E. Faust

In today's world, which is constantly rushing, people only look at themselves and it is difficult for them to see the other person. We often fail to notice that there are so many people around us for whom we should be grateful for every day. It is thanks to their hard work and commitment that we can enjoy our lives. It is true that in the daily race it is difficult to force yourself to remember what good happened to us, to learn to appreciate it. This makes it more difficult to find time to show appreciation.

The Ignacy J. Paderewski School wants to instill in its students’ ideas that will help them become a "better version of themselves" and that is why we decided that it is worth reminding them of GRATITUDE. Not only is it a distinctive attitude, but a lifestyle that will bear fruit in the future. The Harvard Mental Health Letter states that “gratitude has a strong and inextricable relationship with happiness. Thanks to it, people experience positive emotions more often, have more pleasant experiences, enjoy better health, deal with problems and build lasting relationships with others”.

What is the conclusion? By showing our gratitude, we will be happier people!

At this time, when we are waiting for Christmas, it is worth thanking those who will then take care of our health and safety. We decided to visit police offices from the Niles Police Dept. this year to thank them for their hard, sometimes very dangerous work, and thus show them respect.

We encourage everyone to make such small gestures and show gratitude to all those who do something good in our lives, especially those who serve others with their hard work.

Let us hope that this initiative will remain our annual school tradition.

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